Developer Terms and Conditions

1. We are hiring remote developers so you will have to work from your own need to come to the office.
2. As you are working remotely with us by letting us know your availability then you should must response us of our mail, skype or on any media within your availability timings.
3. if you are not available for a particular day/time on which you are no longer available for work or communication than at least you must inform us in prior to 2 days.
4. If you want to leave on urgent scenario than you will have to inform us as well as you will have to put a working replacement
5. You are not eligible to cancel any of the running projects by providing silly reasons, as you do not have that authority to cancel that. The only company is authorized for that.
6. We will inform you with each and every detail of a project before starting the work and in the running project also we will support you to get detailed requirements from a client so if you have any query please feel free to ask to project managers allotted to you.
7. For every project, we will assign you, one project manager. And it is separate for every project/work
8. Do not argue with authority and co-operate them.
9. You will have to act with the client as you are working with Smitraj Technologies as in house developer.
10. After completion of the project, you must provide source code to the project manager before the final payment we made.
11. The project will be considered as completed when the project will be error-free as well as the client and project manager get satisfied with your work. (we understand sometimes technical queries will occur but the project manager is there for your solution so don’t worry about it and just inform them)
12. After starting, the project there will be one group over any of the media in which includes project manager, required developers as well as a client always try to be supportive to other developers, project managers, and clients.
13. After completion of project if the error will have occurred then you must have to solve that as you were working on the job so do not argue at that time and solve the issue. Or else the company will claim penalty on you.
14. After starting the project and after getting the advance payment it is your responsibility to complete the job.
1. Do not ever try to contact to client directly using any media. If we found any of the fraudulent activities like that than we will stop the work with you and we will add you in our blacklist as well as there is legal penalty for this type of activities will be $1000-$10,000 USD.(penalty will be decide by company)
2. As well as if client will come to you by any of the media directly than must inform to your project manager and we will take action on him/her.
1. You will get your decided payment by NEFT/Cheque on behalf of Smitraj Technologies
2. Company have authority to cut the TDS from your amount if payable amount will be over 30,000 INR with in year.(for more understand this concept call to our authority person and they will make you understand with good knowledge)